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Honors and qualifications

Sample enterprise

Provincial key cultivation enterprise

Key enterprise

Corporate member unit

Innovation unit

2010-2011A grade taxpayer

Observing contract and valuing credit enterprise in the year 2006-2007

Huangshi advanced unit for scientific and technological progress in the year 2007-2008

Award for small and medium-sized technology-based enterprise in 2008

Labor guarantee integrity unit in 2009

Municipal enterprise engineering center

A grade taxpayer in the year 2010-2011

Civilized unit in the year 2013-2014

Post-doctoral research center

Well-known trademark in Huangshi City

Knowledge property advantage unit of Huangshi city

Big taxpayer in 2010

Advanced unit for technological innovation in 2012

Postdoctoral industry base

Engineering laboratory

Top-10 enterprises in Huangshi

Advanced unit for safety production in Huangshi Development Zone

Labor guarantee integrity unit in Huangshi City

Torch high-tech enterprise

Popular science company

Pilot enterprise integrates IT application with industrialization

Provincial labor guarantee unit in 2013

Provincial engineering center

Provincial enterprise technical center

Municipal leading high-tech enterprise

Academician and expert workstation

Intellectual property demonstration enterprise

Quality inspection and service platform

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