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Technology center of Hubei Sanfeng Intelligent Conveying Equipment Co.,Ltd is "Hubei Intelligent Conveying Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center",and "Hubei Enterprise Technology Center".The company owns key laboratory of Huangs Shi intelligent logistic equipment and professional public service platform of intelligent conveying equipment quality testing.Technology center has R&D department,machinery department I,machinery department II,electrical deparment,academician (postdoctoral innovation jobs)and expert workstation,process assemble department,standard technology information department and central laboratory.

There are more than 100 technical staffs in technology center which occupied more than 20% of the total staffs,including more than 80R&D
personnel,26 senior engineers,53 engineers,2 provincial experts,4 city-level outstanding contribution experts,6 city-level science and technology advanced workers.The company builds the innovation incentive mechanism to recommend and encourage top-notch talent,high light the role and status of technology and talent in enterprise development.More than a decade,the company owns a solid professional R&D team by implementing talent strategy,such as independent development,introduce and recruitment-talent.Forming a reasonalble collocation of mechanical and electrical,combination of "old,middle-aged and young (core of the talent team)".Technology R&D system is based on independent research,marketed-oriented and combining "production,academic and research"we have been responsible for nearly 30 country,province,city and industry key science plan R&D projects,won 10 city-level awards of science and techonology progress,published more than 20 papers.

The company pays high attention to innovation ability and R&D platform construction,the area of R&D center is 4000㎡,experimental center is 3000㎡,center lab is 1000㎡,We can complete the experimental process from product design,prototype and test to quality inspection and perfomance testing.

For many years,the company continues to increase R&D investment,and the investment fund accounts for about 5% of yearly sales income.As to achieve the goal that build the most advanced intelligent logistic complete equipment in our country during the 12th Five-Year-Plan period,we will invest 50 million to technology center for upgrading and reconstruction.

Technology advantages:
lnnovation is the eternal theme for the enterprise's development
Strong innovative and research ability is the support for the enterprise's long-term development


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